Wine Tips

The sooner the better. Some wines get better with age, but the vast majority of today's wine is ready to be enjoyed right away, a philosophy we hold dear at Dancing Bull.

If only every restaurant had Dancing Bull on the wine list, ordering would be a lot easier. When you get elected to pick a wine, just relax and remember these simple tips:

  • Wine lists are usually divided into wine colors (red or white) and types (Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and so on). You'll see a range of prices; shop the middle for the best values.
  • The waiter or sommelier is there to guide you. Give your guide a general idea of what kind of wine you want (big, bold red or crisp, refreshing white), a price you're comfortable with (under $50), and they'll make you look good.
  • If you've ordered the wine, you've nominated yourself as the designated taster. Start by swirling the wine in the glass to bring out its aromas. Then, take a taste to confirm the wine you and your friends are about to enjoy is fine. Relax and savor.

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