Wine Tips

Don't get caught up on price. Wine doesn't have to be expensive. You can get a great bottle at almost any price.

Whether you're having a few friends over or hosting 100 of your closest acquaintances, wine and food are usually part of the festivities. Here are some tips on hosting Dancing Bull style:

  • Provide your guests with several wine options, both red and white.
  • A bottle contains about five glasses of wine. Figure two glasses of wine per person and plan accordingly.
  • No one expects you to own a commercial supply of wine glasses. Borrow some extras from friends, rent some from a caterer or don't worry about it. No one ever refused good wine from a plastic cup.
  • The best news of all? Dancing Bull wines are perfect for all foods, all occasions and all glassware, even plastic. The next time you're wondering what to drink, don't run with the pack. Bring on the bull.

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